Our track record comprises a portfolio of over 100+ events around the globe, spanning 5 continents, 34 countries, 50 cities. We've hosted exploratory trade missions and market-focused conferences, but have always put a large emphasis on the practicalities, challenges, opportunities and delicacies of financing. 

We've built up a line of 'Unlocking Solar Capital' events - with editions in Africa, Latin America and Asia - that focus on connecting conventional financing with project development, we host the annual 'Making Solar Bankable' event in Amsterdam together with Dutch development bank FMO, and always include a wide range of financial topics and speakers in all the events we organize. Furthermore, we've hosted a series of conference on innovative financing methods and practices, like the 'Renewable Energy Crowdfunding' conferences (hosted twice in London) and the YieldCon events (organized in New York and London). 

Expanding upon this and further aligned with our new 'Future Grid' division, we're approaching the topic of blockchain, which we had already touched upon in several of our other events. 

Get a more elaborate impression of our events by downloading one of our Post-Show Reports below:

The Solar Future NL

Solar Asset Management Europe

Market Parity