PAST Webinar /// Commercial Self Consumption in France: Opportunities, Challenges, and the Customer Experience

Wednesday 27 February 2019 - 14:00 CET

Self consumption of solar power has become an attractive proposition for an increasing number of commercial energy consumers in France. A reason for this trend is that self-consumption has become a centrepiece of the energy transition, thanks to a range of instruments, from tenders to the #PlaceAuSoleil initiative. Also, many businesses realize that self consumption make sense from a bottom line perspective. 

Pierre-Jean Delhoume is Manager of Energy Services at Uniper France since 2017. He develops and deploys four major business lines for optimizing commercial and industrial customers' energy consumption: energy efficiency, renewable energy solutions, load management, and big data. Previously as a consultant in energy & utilities at CGI Business Consulting, Pierre Jean has worked with different actors of the energy world, including Engie and Eni.
He is a certified engineer from the Ecole des Mines in Albi (France) and holds a Master in Optimization of Energy Systems from the Ecole des Mines in Paris.

In this webinar, Pierre-Jean Delhoume, Manager of Energy Services at Uniper, will cover:

  • What’s actually in self-consumption for businesses within the French context?

  • What factors determine the optimum self-consumption rate?

  • What are the main challenges to an accelerated adoption of self-consumption?

  • Self-consumption from the investor’s perspective: what expectations?

  • So far, what's the customer experience on the ground?

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This webinar will be in French with a simultaneous English translation


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Is France's solar market open for international business?

Today, there is a great need from solar industry players, investors, observers, and other stakeholders, to get a sense of what drives the transformation of France’s solar market. The headlines paint a fairly attractive profile: France is now a world top 7 solar market and the world’s largest issuer of green bonds, France’s new energy strategy outlined on Nov 27 2018 will increase solar capacity fivefold by 2030, and the EU has just approved 600 million EUR ($679 million) in funding for innovative solar power installations.  

But beyond the headlines, how open for business is France’s solar market? What’s in it for international players? What are the latest developments on the joint-ventures-, and merger and acquisitions- fronts? 

After graduating from Paris Dauphine University’s Master 225 in Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering, Damien Ricordeau started his career in 2008 in private equity by joining the Groupe Edmond de Rothschild where he was part of the investment team for several participations in fast-growing SMEs.

Building upon 5 years of buy-side experience, Damien decided in 2013 to turn towards green finance and founded Finergreen, a boutique advisory specialized in renewable energy.

After 3 years of fast growth on the French market, Damien took the company global, starting in Africa (2016) and shortly after in Asia (2017) and in the Middle East (2018). This strategy has enabled Finergreen to assert itself as a worldwide actor for renewable energy project finance.

To address these questions, in anticipation to The Solar Future France forum on April 10 and 11, 2019; we will be hosting an unmissable webinar with Damien Ricordeau, founder and CEO of Finergreen, a boutique advisory specialized in renewable energy.

As a chief architect of several high-profile deals involving both French and international companies, he will share his highly valuable perspective, present concrete examples, and offer an analysis of the latest developments.